What is face primer?

What is face primer?

The use of a face primer (called also makeup primer) is not just a trend in the cosmetic industry. These makeup primers create a smooth, flat surface of the skin, smoothes fine lines and uneven skin and prepare the face for the application of a foundation. What exactly is the face primer? This is a question that is asked very often. Many women think that makeup is based on the foundation, but this is not true. The face primers are specific type of cosmetic products, for which is not known enough. However there are different types of makeup primers on the Cosmetic industry.

The face primer aims to equalize the surface of the skin. It also smoothes and fills any wrinkles as well as any roughness of the skin. The usage of any face primer will make and keep the skin fresh and elastic. It is not a secret that there are a lot and different cosmetic companies. Anyway, each company has developed many different types of products that are able to meet the needs and the requirements even to the most sophisticated consumers. For instance there is an all- purposes product that is appropriate for all type of skins. The face primer could be colorless, white to pale pink. There are also primers according to skin type - for dry or oily skin. During the last years they have created a makeup primer that is appropriate and could even help to the tired skin. This kind of primer contains light reflecting particles, which are giving more freshness to the skin. Furthermore, the skin acquires a slight shine.

Thus, it seems that the face primer is a product that is extremely easy applicable. If you want to have good results first you should prepare and clean the face with makeup wipes or necessary professional product. Then you can apply the primer with fingers or a suitable brush. However you should be careful, because the face primer should be in a moderate amount. Otherwise you will experience adverse effects - "slide" to the next product, which is usually foundation. As we mentioned before, the application of the face primer is not difficult process. You can apply it with light movements, without pressure and without excessive rubbing of the product into the skin.

Anyway, face primers are products that have a lot of advantages, here are some of them if you are not sure if you should use this type of cosmetic product:

  • Enhancing the sustainability of makeup.
  • Smoothes the skin, fine lines and the uneven skin.
  • There are also colored (concealed) primers that improve the complexion – green ones remove redness, light control tan, purple ones cope with yellowish-brown tinge to the skin and the white gives it a porcelain look.
  • Matte primers hides pores and are suitable for oily and combination skin. Primers Moisturizers hydrate dry skin.

Using a face primer has become a priority for the modern woman who wants to look good. The primer is able to eliminate small defects on the skin, to give a radiant complexion and helps ensure the durability of makeup throughout the day.