Rasasi Tasmeem Eau De Perfume For Men

Rasasi Tasmeem Eau De Perfume For Men

Rasasi Tasmeem Eau de perfume for men is a great fragrance that has a very Middle Eastern feel in its elements and gives a masculine, yet gentle fragrance to the wearer.

It has top notes of Cardamom and Coumarin, giving it a spicy smell, middle notes of Rose, Orris and Artemisia giving it a gentler and sweeter smell, and base notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka Beans, Musk and Vanilla that combine together to create that amazing Middle Eastern essence.

While these varied fragrances may feel odd coming together, it isn’t so. One of the best things about Rasasi Tasmeem Eau de perfume is that all its different essences blend together very well, giving it a smooth, creamy and rich feel. Even though it has a hint of rose in it, the other spicy elements like Sandalwood. Cardamom and Coumarin all match it and come together very nice. Also, the rose isn’t the feminine, loud or too sweet, but instead comes as an after taste.

Rasasi Tasmeem Eau de perfume is great to use everyday, but will also stand out when used on special occasions. It has a presence of its own and demands attention, but not to the extent that it is over powering and too strong. The pleasantness of the fragrance is seductive, sophisticated and elegant, giving any man who wears it a nice and distinct smell.

As for the presentation of the perfume, it comes in a very beautifully crafted bottle with a checkered design that has been painted in blue and green at the back. On top is a heavy metallic cap that has been made with good quality, which doesn’t look cheap and doesn’t loose color easily either. The top of the cap features a design of false jewels that can also been seen on the packaging box. Visually the bottle looks very attractive and makes for a great gift for someone special.

Overall, Rasasi Tasmeem Eau de perfume makes a well-balanced fragrance for men and is something that almost everyone will like, so you cant go wrong with it! If you want to by it, have a look at Beauty Spin for the best deals and service.