Perfect Makeup: How to use face cream and primer in simple steps

Perfect Makeup: How to use face cream and primer in simple steps

It seems as if the fashion industry is updated with more interesting and creative makeup ideas every day. But since there are important basis to keep in mind for flawless makeup nothing is changed when it comes to the most common tips about the use of face cream and primer. While many skip applying primer considering it a non-essential step it’s quite important and advantageous. These simple and easy steps will give you the key to a perfect makeup.

Opt for the Right Primer and Face Cream

The choice of the primer depends on your skin type and facial features. If you have fine lines and wrinkles you should opt for the right primer designed special for your age. They are basically pore-reducing and anti-aging primers that go perfectly with top rated anti-aging creams. Women with oily skin usually look for primers that can take away the unpleasant grease and oil from the skin before applying the main cream. Dry skin, on the other hand, requires moisturizing creams that make the skin look shinier and fresher. So, try to do some research to realize what type of primer your skin needs. Also remember that primer should be used if you are planning to airbrush your makeup.

Applying the Primer

The right way of applying the primer also plays a big role. First, wash your face and hands. Squirt a little amount of cream on the back of your hand. Avoid using too much primer as it may lead to clumping of the foundation. A pea-sized amount is all you need to apply. Rub it to the center of your face and use circular, gentle motions to mix it outwards. The motion is expected to be similar to your moisturizer. Don’t forget about the skin around your eyes. Those who don’t use separate eyelid primer should apply a very gentle part of their face primer. Use your ring and middle finger to get the best result.

Apply the Main Cream

Once you apply the moisturizer or the primer cream you should then allow it to dry completely. If you are planning to wear makeup all day long then the primer is a must. Dry-skinned women can use damp creams while oily-skinned women may go for quick dusting of translucent powder. This will provide you with a natural-looking and long-lasting effect. Don’t forget about your neck. Apply the primer and the cream on the parts that differ with their tones from your face tone. The better the quality of the cream the more protective it will be for your skin. Apply a cream with sun protection especially for summer months to avoid brown or dark spots, post-pimple scars and redness. When applying, always massage cream in well with circular shapes. Never forget to clean your skin at night before sleeping if you want to keep your skin healthy. Avoid the use of too much product and wear heavy makeup only for special occasions. It’s better to keep your face fresher and heathier with lighter makeup products and with applying face cream every single day.