Microneedling procedure for more youthful skin

Microneedling procedure for more youthful skin

As we age, our skin too goes through some changes. It starts to get wrinkles and sag, as well as look dull. Today, skin specialists have come up with a number of treatments that can help you reverse the age of your skin and leave it looking more youthful and vibrant. You can choose from external face care treatments such as facial and face packs, or go for slightly more intense ones such as microneedling. This procedure isn’t too intrusive and is great as a collagen induction therapy that helps in rejuvenating your skin and returning it back to its natural state.

There are a number of clinics to choose from, but one must make sure that they find the correct dermatologist and skin specialist for their needs. Anna Esthetics is one such place that offers some advanced and effective treatments. You can get microneedling from Anna Esthetics done without the worry of the results or the procedure. All their treatments and procedures are done with utmost care and by well qualified professionals and specialists. Apart from a state of the art facility, the doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced, able to help with any questions or queries you may have.

If the word ‘needle’ in microneedling scares you, then think of it just as any other laser treatment, but instead of light or heat usage, the procedure uses small and thin needles in a mechanical way. The needles create micro-injuries on the face skin that helps in stimulating the natural healing process of our body. It helps by increasing cell turnover in the facial skin, amplifying the collagen and also producing more elastin.

Upon getting this treatment done, you will feel that the treated area now looks smoother and feels softer. Additionally, you can see the full effects of microneedling in a few months time as the healing process of the skin takes sometime. You can safely redo this procedure every 2 weeks to 4 weeks to get the desired results you want as well.

You can expect to see a number of positive changes such as reduction in pore size, deep wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks appearance and fine lines. There will also be improved tissue regeneration, reversal of pigmentation and sun damage. These changes together can really help make your face look fresh and bring back that spark in it.

Make sure that the clinic and doctor you chose is the right one for you and understands all your problems. Even though there are many treatments to help with skin aging reversal, get microneedling done for the best results. It will restore your skin and help you look youthful once again!