Mac Mattifying Gel

Mac Mattifying Gel

The Mac Mattifying Gel has a great new formula that acts just like a powder ad leaves your skin looking smooth and airbrushed. It is lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and creates a flawless base to apply foundation on. It also spreads on easily and leaves your face looking matte and reduces oily patches on your face.

This amazing gel is creamy but unlike other primers it does not let your make up slide or rub of easily. Instead it holds your foundation and make up in place for long hours. It gives you a matte look and feel and does not block your pores for break out your skin.

When applies, the primer blends easily and flawlessly into your skin and settles almost immediately without you having to wait to apply the foundation and other make up. It even fills in open pores and fine lines that may show too much when you apply foundation, but with this primer you can easily mask all imperfections to get a canvas like base.

You can use the Mac Mattifying Gel with or without other make up. It will give you a natural glow and even skin tone if used alone and also reduce shine and give you instantly healthier looking skin!

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