Lumene - Beauty Base Matifying for oily skin

Lumene - Beauty Base Matifying for oily skin

Lumene’s Beauty Base Mattifying and Retexturizing Primer has been created to eliminate oiliness from your face and make your skin look flawless, just like porcelain! It effortlessly spreads on your skin smoothly and gives an even looking skin tone, while making your skin tone look bright and radiant and not oily and sticky.

It will give you an unblemished finish and glowing skin and the best part of all – it will extend the life of your foundation, keeping your face looking perfect for much longer!

The foundation when applied on the primer is distributed evenly without looking blotchy. It also conceals pores and keeps your makeup looking fresh and bright all day long. Not only does the primer smoothen out your skin’s surface, it even lets you apply the rest of your make up on a steadier base.

This Lumene primer is also great to use even without foundation as its absorbing fat micro spheres give your face a matte finish and make you look ‘au naturel’! So, you can use this amazing primer when you are in a hurry or even when you want to keep it casual.

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