How to take care of your skin in humid weather

How to take care of your skin in humid weather

Did you ever wonder how wet weather affects your skin? Wet weather makes our body sweat more, to which our skin responds by producing more sebum, a hormone that makes our skin look oiled which can even lead to skin breakouts. Also, during the time our body sweats, it gathers all the sweat resulting in blocked pores which are bad for our skin. There are a few ways to prevent such behavior from our skin and body, and through some relatively easy daily routines, we can help you negate the adverse effects it has on your skin.

Keep your body refreshed by showering more during humid weather

Like said previously, your skin gets dry during damp weather, which can lead to wrinkles and fine lines on your face, and more negative effects. The most common way to negate those negative effects of humid weather is to take a long and relaxing shower. Showering will keep your body hydrated and will help it keep its stability over the effects of humid weather. You will also unblock the pores caused by the sweat on your body, which will make your skin feel softer during this kind of days. Even then, you must remember not to shower with hot water when your skin is dry, because of the heat, since it is quite unhealthy for your body.

Fight humid weather using skin cleansers

Do these as a daily routine during wet weather, since it will help you get rid of the oiled skin effect that comes with that weather. Let’s say you’re going to bed, and you notice that you at touch your skin feels like it was oiled. You should go to the bathroom and apply some skin cleansers to your skin. This is not just useful for keeping the skin from getting oiled, since it also cleans the blocked pores on your skin, and lets it breathe. Make it a routine and you will start to notice the change on your skin.

Protect yourself from UV exposure by having sunscreen with you

It's commonly known that during this weather, the sun can increase its UV exposure much more than it usually does, which can lead to a lot of skin problems, from dry skin to skin burns and even skin cancer. You must absolutely prevent too much sun exposure during those days, since like said before, it can lead to skin cancer if you get exposed to it too much. But if you absolutely have to spend those days outside, always remember to bring safe sunscreen with you and apply it to the parts of your skin not hidden beneath fabrics. Doing this you will prevent the negative effects of too much UV exposure to your skin.

Weekly facial should do the trick

Not only can humid weather cause dry skin, but it can also increase the aging of your skin and in time dead skin cells will gather on your skin causing it to look older and even result in acne. Once a week you should take care of your facial skin with clay-based masks since it will remove the oil from your skin and make it look more natural. In case, your pores are all blocked by the sweat during the long week, remember that a good choice would be using salicylic acid face masks since it will completely unblock the dry skin cells and result in younger looking skin.


You have to take a good daily care of your skin Humid weather has severe effects on your skin, and you should always remember to follow these tips. Like said previously, during that high UV radiation, you should never forget to bring sunscreen since high UV exposure may cause skin cancer. Take more refreshing showers every day during those weeks, and remember to keep your skin from aging by making the clay-based mask. If you don’t take care of your skin, nobody will, so keep it soft and clean on a daily basis, and maintain its health so you can look healthy and safe during the summer.

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