How to take care of the imperfections of your skin

How to take care of the imperfections of your skin

Beautiful glowing skin is a key element for achieving perfect look and beauty. Many imperfections such as dry skin, acne, wrinkles or dark spots can stand in your way and only make you feel insecure. Learn how to treat your skin and help it get its glow back.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is never pleasing to the eye and can cause uncomfortable itching. In order to prevent dry skin and even treat it you need to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. When taking a shower, do not soak your skin with too much water; limit your showering time to 5 to 10 minutes. That is just enough time to clean your body without damaging your skin. As soon as you get out of the shower, apply moisturizer all over your body and face. Oils from lotions and creams will lock the moist inside your skin, keeping it well moisturized. If your skin is dry and sensitive you should avoid any skin care products that contain alcohol and alpha-hydroxy acid, and deodorant soaps, since they can only further damage the skin and your beauty. Switch to more gentle and unscented beauty products and help your skin restore its natural oils.

Problems with Acne

Acnes are usually caused by pilling up of dirt and oils in your skin pores. Depending on how severe is your problem with acne you should choose the right treatment. You can apply benzoyl peroxide and retinoids (derivates of vitamin A) which can aggravate the acne and it is good for treating black and whiteheads leaving you with a fresh new look. Also, you can opt for more natural treatments that you can do at home, such as applying apple cider vinegar mixed with fresh water on your skin, and making homemade masks with honey. However, the most important thing is to keep your skin clean all the time, and gently wash it and cleanse without harsh scrubbing. And finally, remember that your skin is often a reflection of your health, so leading a healthy life will help you fight not only acne, but plenty of other skin imperfections as well

Pigmentation Situation

Sometimes, the production of melanin in your body can go askew, leaving your skin with darker or lighter patches called skin pigmentation. Causes of this condition may vary from hormonal changes during pregnancy to some external factors such as sun damaging, contact with some chemicals, stress, diet etc. Whatever the reasons, there are various home remedies for skin pigmentation, such as Aloe Vera, fruit with citric acid (oranges and lemons), honey and almond masks, cucumbers and many others. Also, you can undergo some surgical treatments, such as chemical peels which will remove the problematic layer of the skin or laser resurfacing.


Even though we cannot stop aging, that does not mean we have to let the wrinkles impact our style. To minimize the impact of facial movements, you only have to keep your skin fresh and flexible. Minimize your exposure to sun and wear sunscreen wherever you go. If you are a smoker, try quitting, since smoking only speeds up the aging process and drains your skin. Also, there are various beauty products, such as anti-aging creams which can restore the natural elasticity of your skin, leaving it wrinkle-free. And, of course, you can always inject some Botox or have a face lift. The choice is yours.

Since with present ourselves through our skin, we ought to make sure it is in a top notch condition. Take care of your skin properly and stop these annoying imperfections.