BareMinerals PrimeTime™ Oil Control Foundation Primer

BareMinerals PrimeTime™ Oil Control Foundation Primer

The BareMinerals PrimeTime™Oil Control Foundation Primer has been created to battle excessive oiliness that doesn’t let your makeup settle or make it look blotchy. This amazing primer is great at absorbing excess shine since it has not been made with heavy silicone or oils and leaves you skin looking radiant with a glittering complexion all day long.

By using this professional primer, you can hide your open pores and fine lines and get a more uniform skin texture that feels silky smooth. Its advanced formula absorbs all the excess oil and nourishes your skin to make it look bright instead of shiny and oily.

The texture too is like silk and doesn’t feel heavy because the primer is made with volatile silicone that dissolves within seconds of applying and creates a steady base for you to work on after. It helps extend your makeups life and gives you a well moisturized face instead of a heavy and dry one!

BareMinerals’ PrimeTime™ Oil Control Foundation Primer uses a mineral-infused formula that lets the primer spread evenly all over your skin and helps hide minor problems. It also does not contain any fragrances.

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