Lumene - Beauty Base Matifying for oily skin

Lumene’s Beauty Base Mattifying and Retexturizing Primer has been created to eliminate oiliness from your face and make your skin look flawless, just like porcelain! It effortlessly spreads on your skin smoothly and gives an even looking skin tone, while making your skin tone look bright and radiant and not oily and sticky.

It will give you an unblemished finish and glowing skin and the best part of all – it will extend the life of your foundation, keeping your face looking perfect for much longer!

Skindinavia No More Shine

Skindinavia No More Shine setting spray is a unique product. It comes in a small comfortable bottle with a size appropriate to keep it in your handbag. There are different types of bottles, but also at a different price. As biggest is the bottle and so the price becomes higher. So, if you buy it for the first time the smallest one is appropriate for you, just to try this product as well as if you don’t want to spend a big amount of money before knowing how it works and if it fits on your skin type. 

Benefits of using face primer

Face primer is a product that is applied after moisturizer and before foundation. Its aim is to make the process of applying makeup easier and helps makeup last longer. In some cases also helps to conceal pores, fine lines, wrinkles or opacities for oilier and combination skin. Moisturizing cream or lotion that is placed under the base is good, because it is not too greasy and it absorbs quickly. For oily skin may be omitted altogether.

Different kinds of face primer

Base and face primer for makeup is almost the same thing .There are different kind of face primers, but they all serve to prepare the skin for makeup and enhancing its sustainability. Therefore, if you do not use the primer constantly, keep them in mind when you want your makeup to last as long as possible. The composition of many modern face primers often includes useful fragments for skin .This does not mean that the bases can replace your cosmetic means in order to maintain the skin. The face primers are always applied normally as you use creams.