7 Winter Night Care Tips For Your Skin

7 Winter Night Care Tips For Your Skin

Winter weather tends to be unsightly, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to be the same. The skin tends to be dry, dull and more prone to breakouts at this time of the year. While even the best skin brighteners may not help you much, a natural skin brightening smoothie can go a long way in making your skin glow and soft. Skin brighteners will help rejuvenate the skin but there is the issue of trusting them as you don’t know what they contain. You may consult consumer’s health product reviews before you purchase any of them. Below are other tips you can incorporate in your routine to make your skin feel better and tolerable during this time, especially the nights:

Apply moisturizer at night

Dry skin becomes even drier at night when left bear. This is because moisture tends to evaporate at night making the skin dry, dull and tired. The story about leaving it bear at night to breathe is just a myth. Also, at this time, the skin’s permeability is at its best thus all the ingredients from the moisturizer can be absorbed more efficiently. Use the health product reviews while making a purchase. Don’t forget to wash your skin before applying the moisturizer. Use some lukewarm water and apply the moisturizer immediately after to retain the dampness on the face. If you feel a bit lazy at night, you may wash it before the night knocks.

Install a humidifier

Winter weather tends to dry out your skin and heating systems make it even worse. A humidifier will bring the moisture back and protect your skin. The best place to install it is in your bedroom so that as you sleep, the skin still has its share of the moisture.


I know during winter this is the last thing you can think of. However, something to note is that no matter how much moisturizer you apply, as long as there are dead skins on the skin, it will forever be hard for the moisturizer to penetrate in. The skin also tends to be flaky during this time so the need to exfoliate is evident. You may apply a skin brightener such as Meladerm, to keep your skin flawless afterward. Meladerm is among the best skin brighteners in the market at the moment according to health product reviews.

Hydrate From The Inside

Foods high in water content first of all keep you healthy and secondly give you a glowing skin. Such foods included water melons, apples, kiwi, oranges, carrots, zuchinni and cucumbers. They say you portray what you feed the inside of your body. Well as you can see, that is very true. Drink water not for your skin but for the sake of your general well being.

Keep Warm and Protect The Skin

Winter nights can be extremely cold. As you sleep ensure you cover yourself well and keep the windows closed to avoid the cold winds from taking a toll on your skin. This is especially necessary to ensure you don’t come down with flu the next morning. Also apply the necessary protection on the skin to cover you throughout the night.

Embrace the Beauty Sleep

The reason why it’s called beauty sleep is because it leaves your skin more rejuvenated and body energized. During sleep, the skin has time to repair the worn out tissues, boost the flow of blood in the body (ensure you don’t have dark circles and pale skin) and reduces stress which is a cause of most skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Get your beauty sleep today.

Avoid Hand Creams Contacting the Face

I know this is especially difficult for people who apply hand creams before sleep. However, the thing about hand creams is that they clog the pores when they come in contact with the skin. If you apply hand creams, put on gloves if you can’t help sleeping with your hands on the face at night.


Winter weather may come and go but how your skin looks is up to you. The above tricks will help you have an easier time and look radiant while at it

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