3 Reasons why you need an ultrasonic massager

3 Reasons why you need an ultrasonic massager

Ultrasound cavitation is a relatively new aesthetic treatment, using leading edge technology it converts fat cells into liquid which can be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system, but this LUXVERVE REJUVENATOR 3X non-invasive treatment has many more advantages and benefits that you can actually get from one simple device.

Reducing body ache and chronic pain

This may be the most popular reason many people get this product is because it is remarkably effective at reducing aches and pains with its compact and portable LUXVERVE ultrasonic massager. It is capable of up to one million vibrations per second, making this massager stimulate muscle tissue to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, providing soothing relief even after tough workouts or while recovering from injury.

It works against chronic pain by generating deep heat within body tissues for treatment of selected medical conditions, such as pain relief, muscle spasms and joint contractures.

Slimming and cellulite remover

 The slimming or tightening function helps penetrates deep under your skin to reach deep under your skin to minimize hidden cellulite and reduce stubborn fat, while achieving a slimming and body-shaping effect.

Technology responsible for this amazing feature is called EMS, a low frequency current, that stimulate the acupuncture points and the skin layers to achieve the effect of skin tightening and body firming.

The treatment also combines a high frequency vibration and heat to eliminate fat cells from your targeted areas and the body’s lymphatic system. Definitely worth getting to completely change your body and jump start your weight loss journey.

Reducing wrinkles and enhancing the skin

The ultrasound feature in the LUXVERVE REJUVENATOR 3X Promotes the metabolism in your skin to excrete the melanin that has accumulated in the skin, improving the spots caused by sunburn and acne scars. Through this vibration, the device helps penetrate the skin care products much faster and deeper into the skin which is really good for absorption and to nurture your skin.

As we get a lot of questions about this amazing product, we definitely wanted to explain what it was, how it works and what it does! Get yours now at luxverve.