There are many fruits that can help with skin care and strawberry is one of the healthiest fruits for skin care. The fruit contains antioxidants, vitamin C and other nutrients that are important for the overall health of the body. The surprising benefits of strawberry o skin care include:

Prevention of acne

The cause of acne is the accumulation of sebum on the skin. It is advisable to use a half cup filled with sour cream and strawberry pulp. Apply the mixture on the skin and then clean after a few minutes. Application of the mixture regularly will give amazing results because the fruit has cleansing properties. The mixture helps in exfoliation of the dead skin and prevents breakouts.

Glowing complexion

Removal of blemishes and leftover marks of the skin will leave it glowing. Strawberry juice contains ellagic acid that helps with skin lightening. It is advisable to use fresh strawberry juice to get maximum benefits of the fruit. Clean the face after the juice dries.

Protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays

Strawberry fruit contains antioxidants and ellagic acid that help in protecting the skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This property is the reason most skin care products contain strawberry as one of its ingredients. Hyper-pigmented skin can be caused by sun damage, freckles, age spots, and acne scars all these thing makes you unattractive. But you can get rid of all these thing by using meladerm. This supplement help you to make your skin shiner and attractive.

It is advisable to use strawberry for scrubbing the skin and foot. Make a mixture of strawberry pulp, a little honey and seeds to make a skin scrub that help to exfoliate dead skin. Massage the skin in a gentle way with this homemade scrub. Strawberries contain alpha hydroxyl that helps to exfoliate the dead skin.

Toning the skin

Toning is as important to the skin as scrubbing, and strawberry juice plays a great role in toning the skin. It is advisable to add rose water to strawberry juice and then apply the mixture to the skin. Store the mixture in the fridge and use it daily on the skin.

Anti-ageing properties

Strawberry fruits contain ellagic acid that helps to prevent the destruction of collagen that causes the formation of wrinkles. It is, therefore, advisable to use strawberry juice or pulp in face masks to prevent wrinkles.

Preventing oily skin

The glands in the skin produce excess oil, and this may make the skin look oily. The strawberry fruit can help to avoid an oily skin. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, and this helps to prevent oily skin as well as nourish it.

Treatment of eye puffiness

Strawberries have anti-inflammatory compounds that help with treatment of puffiness under the eyes. The compounds also help in the treatment of dark circles, and this makes one have a fresh look. Apply the strawberry juice below the eyes and then leave it for some time. It is also advisable to put two slices of strawberry on the eyes, relax and enjoy the cooling effect that helps to reduce the puffiness.

Cleansing the skin

Skin cleansing is important to have a radiant and a youthful look. It is important to clean the upper layer of the skin to remove dirt and other types of impurities. It is advisable to use strawberry to cleanse deep the skin. Strawberry contains antioxidants, exfoliate and salicylic acid that helps in deep cleansing the skin.

Fairer complexion

It is advisable to use strawberry to have a glowing and a fairer complexion within a few days. Strawberry contains ingredients that help to prevent acne and remove the blemishes that are present on the skin. Strawberry helps to make the skin glow and makes it have a lightening effect. Strawberry can be applied directly onto the skin and then rinse after a few minutes. It is also advisable to prepare a fresh drink of strawberry juice and take it during breakfast.


There are many health benefits of strawberry fruit on the skin. Strawberry contains ingredients like vitamin C and an ellagic acid that are helpful to the skin. The surprising benefits of strawberry for skin care include toning, moisturizing and cleansing the skin. It also includes protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun, preventing acne, and oily skin. These benefits of strawberry enable one to have a radiant, youthful and glowing skin.

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